My name is Attila Fórika. I am a press photographer. I have obtained a lot of valuable experience during my work. Taking photos about sport-, and cultural-events, news, the life of boulevard, modells, objects, programmes of companies, school leavers’ balls, wedding ceremonies I could improve my skills. As a qualifield photographer I have taken several portfolios.

I have been interested in art since my childhood.. I long for to create something special and perfect thing. This interest is from my young age which has been able to fascinated me. I think I am lucky, because my interest became my profession.

I attended a course in Népszabadság- Ringier Education Centre. I had a certificate of  press photographer in 2008.

I was employed by Itiner Rally Magazine where I made interviews, press reports, photo-documents. I could have experience about on-line and traditional press-editing. Not rearly I had to work in  such  extreme circumstances like hail, fog, snowstorm, brilliant sunshine which required thorough preparations.

As a photographer of I have obtained planty of special knowledge about mixed light and flash method and I was inspired for taking party-photos.

I have had business contacts some companies of party organization.

My aim is to take such  unforgetable photos, which are not only relics of some fantastic events, but they can cath the moment. If my clients are proud of the result and they are satisfied whith my photos,these photos of events will be showed to the acquaintnces, friends,business partners.